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202307_1382Very few people make a commitment to Jesus when they first encounter Him. Most people would like to get to know him first. Asking people to give their lives to Jesus when they were just introduced to him is like asking a young man to marry a girl he just met. Most people react very negatively toward such pressure.

The fact is that most of the followers of Jesus in the New Testament went through a pre-discipleship process before they committed their lives to him. In other words, they studied the Word of God before they committed themselves to the Son of God. This is a natural process in being in a relationship with Jesus.

We first meet Jesus. Most likely it is through the introduction by a friend that we are aware of Jesus.

Secondly, we then discover Jesus. Many would study, read, and seek out what Jesus is all about through a pre-discipleship process.

Third, we commit to Jesus. Once we have an understanding of who Jesus is, then we are willing to repent of our sins, believe in Him, and follow Him for the rest of our lives. It is our desire to help people find Jesus mostly through a pre-discipleship process.