Welcome to Unionville Oasis

A Word From Our Pastor

cross-66700_640We live in a day when people are tired of the institutionalized church, but they have not given up on God. There have been many times in my life when I thought of just giving up my religion so I can follow Jesus. Many have been disappointed by churchgoers who are wrapped up in the petty politics of the day and seemingly heartless towards the things of God. Having been a pastor for many years, I got tired of trying to convince “leaders” why prayer is important. I felt nauseated by slick smooth programs that we are expected to produce and add to the church that is already drowning in consumerism. In 2002, God called me to plant a church. In June 2003, Unionville Oasis Church was born.

The struggle we had was what does a church look like when you take away all the sophisticated programming? What does the church look like without the security of a building? We found that since that day, we attracted very few “Christians” who did not want to be with a congregation that had no building and little program. However, we had many seekers that would travel half an hour away to be with us. Many of these seekers eventually came to Christ. We have baptized over 65 people since 2003. We have found out that real church is what happens outside the programs. The fact that we have limited programs frees us up to fellowship with one another in our homes.

Statistics have shown in North America that the institutionalized church is on the decline, but there are growing pockets of believers getting together in homes, coffee shops, and various places. We are living in a day when the “church” is redefined. In Unionville Oasis, we are still trying to figure it out. If you are looking for a traditional ideal church, there are many in our community that I would recommend. The are many in our area that have better facilities and programming than us.  We are still trying to figure what it means to have God as our priority. What does a church look like that is known for its love? How can we as a congregation serve our community? What does it mean to follow Jesus? How can we help those seeking God to find Jesus?

Worship 4We are not a perfect church. In fact we struggle with life like everybody else. There are those who struggle with a variety of sins, their finances, marital or parental relationships, and God’s will to name a few. However, we want to accept people the way they are, not judging them, but loving them in a way that God will transform them. If you come and visit us, we will welcome you with open arms. Please don’t be too disappointed to find that we are just broken people trying to love one another.  In this coming fall, our desire is grow in the Word of God and to know how to advance the gospel.  We invite you to come and help us in advancing the kingdom!

Pastor Kai Mark